Shape Composer v2.0


Step 1: Fill up each box with notes (Square,Circle or Shh).
Step 2: Choose SAY and click once in the tapzone above each box. Try and tap a 4A4B pattern.
Step 3: Try out the CLAP and PLAY buttons tapping in the tapzone each time.
Step 4: Try playing the rhythm this time by playing on the shapes themselves.
Now you need to click twice on a circle to get the correct rhythm.
Step 5: Click on start groove to hear your composition played back with a backing groove in a 4A4B pattern.
Step 6: Click PLAYBACK IS ON to off. Now try and play your composition in time with the backing groove. First time clicking once above each box in the tap zone. Next time try clicking on the shapes themselves (two clicks or taps on circle, one on square, one or none on SHH).
Step 7: Click on MORE NOTATION OPTIONS and explore the stick and stave options to see your composition with proper music notation.

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