Some old stuff for the historians out there...

Many Caber Artists at the 2002 Edinburgh Jazz Festival:

  • Tam White 60th Birthday Celebration 26th July Queen's Hall
  • Kevin MacKenzie's Vital Sign's 26th July La Belle Angele
  • Colin Steele Quintet 27th July The Hub
  • Brian Kellock with Tommy Smith 27th July The Hub
  • Martin Kershaw Quartet (album out early 2003) 27th July Henry's
  • David Milligan Trio (album out early 2003) 28th July The Hub
  • Scottish Guitar Quartet 29th July The Hub
  • John Rae's Celtic Feet 30th July The Hub
  • Suzanne Bonnar & Mario Caribé 30th July The Hub
  • Brian Kellock Trio 30th July The Hub
  • Subie Coleman (album out 2003) 30th July La Belle Angele
  • Chick Lyall Trio (album out early 2003) with Jokim Milder 30th July, Henry's
  • Fionna Duncan (album out 2003) 31st July The Hub
  • Phil Bancroft Quartet 2nd August La Belle Angele
  • Brian Kellock with Sheila Jordan Henry's 2nd August

Caber Music would like to recognise Assembly Direct for promoting so many Scottish artists in this festival at the positive level their talent deserves, and for promoting concerts where Scottish artists get to work and perform with visiting artists. If only all Scottish festivals were the same....

Colin Steele 'Twilight Dreams'

gets amazing live review in The Independent for album launch.......and

is Jazz CD of the week in The Observer and and The Guardian gets 4 star review in The Scotsman! CLICK HERE


Feature Article on Caber Music in The Herald


Caber Showcase took place

in Edinburgh's world famous

Henry's Jazz Club on Tuesday March 19th 2002

it Featured:

First Session 6-9pm:

Scottish Guitar Quartet, Colin Steele's Twilight Dreams', , John Rae's Celtic Feet

Second Session: 10pm - 1am:

Trio AAB, Brian Kellock Trio, Sylvia Rae.

it was amazing............

Scottish Guitar Quartet

UK Tour Dates:

March 2002
Sunday 17th Henry's, Edinburgh
Mon 18th Bridge Centre, Haddington
Tues 19th Caber showcase, Henry's
Thurs 21st Aros Experience, Portree, Skye
Fri 22nd Corran Halls, Oban
Sat 23rd Sessions, Daviot nr. Inverness
Tues 26th Tolbooth, Stirling
Wed 27th Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkaldy
Sat 30th Ullapool
wed 3rd Vortex, London


Colin Steele Twilight Dreams to launch album at

The Vortex, Stoke Newington, London on March 12th!


Scottish Guitar Quartet to launch 'Near the Circle'

in London on April 3rd at The Vortex,Stoke Newington, London!


Review Colin Steele Twilight Dreams reviews in Jazz Review Feb 2002 and Sunday Herald January 2002.



Forgive us for being excited, it is sometimes a difficult task running a jazz record label......but you have got to take the rough with the smooth and the following news is as close to the smooth as it is likely to get. At Caber we are very proud to get this recognition and would like to congratulate the musicians concerned:


Brian Kellock 'Live at Henry's ' is voted in Top 3 worldwide albums of the year by Jazzwise magazine.

and appears in 2 Top 10 albums of the year charts by Jazzwise critics

and is No 4 in Jazz Review's Top 10 albums of the year!


Trio AAB 'Whereever I Lay My Home That's My Hat' appears in The Guardian's Top 10 Jazz albums of the year and 2 Top 10 of the year charts by Jazzwise critics as well as 2 recommended listening Top 10 charts in the end of year Jazzwise issue!

Trio AAB 'Whereever I Lay My Home That's My Hat' also listed as most recently releasd album in MOJO magazines list of 100 all time must-have jazz albums in the MOJO 1000 list of all time must have CDs.


Reviews in : Trio AAB Review in JazzWise Magazine Dec 2001 issue plus whole raft of great reviews across the UK

**** Trio AAB Review in Guardian

Trio AAB Jazz UK CD Review NOV/DEC 2001

Trio AAB Live Review in Jazz UK Nov/Dec 2001 plus Jazz Review 10/2001

Trio AAB live review from Inverness! The Scotsman 3/11/2001

Excellent Trio AAB CD Review in The Scotsman 29/10/01

Trio AAB launched their new album at Pizza Express London on October 14th 2001 to an ecstatic audience...reviews awaited! In the Pizza Express flat saxophonist bumped into singer and BBC Radio 'Jazz Line-Up' presenter, Claire Martin and gave her the CD. She went on to name check the band at her Edinburgh gig and made it her CD of the week on Jazz Line Up!

Trio AAB was also playlisted by BBC Radio 3 'Jazz on 3' as one of their 3 albums of the week, along with the likes of Brad Mehldau, and their website says "These releases prove that there is a very healthy, interesting and international future for the music we rather quaintly insist on calling 'jazz'.

Scottish Guitar Quartet Launch a Great Success

Scottish Guitar Quartet launched new album on Caber in Edinburgh at The Queens Hall, on October 17th to a very healthy audience, who were knocked out by the stunning set.


4 Caber releases in new Scottish Jazz Chart

Leading Scottish national daily paper 'The Herald' on the 7th of October published their own version of a Scottish Jazz chart.

" once upon a time, jazz records produced in Scotland rivaled hen's teeth for rarity.....and despite the arrival of a productive generation headed by Tommy Smith, a Scottish Jazz Chart always seemed a mite fanciful until now.

These days largely, but by no means solely, due to the good people at Caber Music, hardly a week seems to go by without a new release by a Scottish musician on a local label " The Herald


1. Live at Henry's Brian Kellock Trio Caber 020

2. Spartacus     Tommy Smith

3. 11x3 Jim Mullen

4. Beware the Feet    John Rae's Celtic Feet Caber 018

5. Hey there you Hosers    Hung Drawn Quartet HDQCD002

6. Laura     Laura MacDonald

7. Near the Circle    Scottish Guitar Quartet Caber 023

8. Sketches      Martin Taylor

9. Tsunami     Burt/MacDonald with Lol Coxhill

10. Tilting Ground   Chick Lyall & Tore Brunborg CArch 001


Review in : Trio AAB a hit at Islay Jazz Festival....The Herald 10/9/01

Caber Artists Storm London in 2001......

Caber's summer campaign of breaking London started on June 21st 2001 with a double header Brian Kellock Trio and Celtic Feet gig at the Vortex Jazz Club. Most of the jazz powers that be didn't come to the concert and went to a Max Roach gig instead ( which apparently wasn't so hot). When they heard how good the Caber gig was it created a real buzz around the London jazz industry scene. We realised even better than having someone come to your gig is someone wishing they had come to your gig......

Kellock and the Feet have just completed two nights at the Pizza Express in August - check out the reviews. Both the Brian Kellock album and the Celtic Feet album have been albums of the week in the London Evening Standard ( read by more than 1 million Londoners each day).


Review in : Brian Kellock Trio/ Celtic Feet Live Review : John Fordham The Guardian 3/9/01

and The Times 7/9/01 by Alyn Shipton

Review in : John Rae's Celtic Feet (Caber 018) in The Guardian

Review in : Brian Kellock Trio Live at Henrys (Caber 020) in The Guardian.

Review in : Brian Kellock Trio Review in London Evening Standard

Review in : Brian Kellock Trio in London Time Out

Review in : Trio AAB storm Edinburgh Jazz Festival with incredible guests.. Wednesday 1st August 2001 The Scotsman

Loads of great reviews in for Eddie Severn

"The critical acclaim for Caber just keeps on rolling in...."


Paul Harrison Review in Jazz Review June 2000

" it seems that Bud Powell is alive and well and living in Edinburgh. From the bounciness of the rhythm to Harrison's phrasing and melodic lines, the benign influence of Powell pervades this CD...it is difficult not to be enchanted by its energy and sense of fun.

Caribe proves to be a highly musical and resourceful bassist throughout , with a huge sound. His solo on " Song Ballad" creates a mesmerizing mood and he gives the difficult " Rhythm's Changing" a real sense of propulsion, anchoring Harrison's rhythmic antics. On the quirky "Tricks" his bowed bass doubles the choppy line with stunning accuracy and his bowed solo is played with the intonation and cantabile quality of a cello..a highly entertaining and promising CD."


Paul Harrison Review in Jazz Wise June 2000

" Paul Harrison is clearly developing into a highly accomplished and imaginative improviser..they have opened their account in an impressive fashion here, in what is another strong addition to Caber's increasingly diverse roster."

The Times makes Trio AAB best band of Bath International Festival Jazz Weekend and raves about Chick Lyall solo concert!

The Times May 30th 2000

" Homegrown bands showed the rest of Europe the way at Bath's cosmopolitan weekend, says Alan Shipton

The healthy representation of musicians from the newly devolved parts of the British Isles made up for any shortage if ideas from their continental counterparts....

The Scottish pianist Chick Lyall played just four extended improvisations in his hour long set, beginning with a dazzling display of impressionistic figures which drew the language of Debussy and Ravel into a new context....alone at the keyboard new thoughts jostled with one another at an impressive rate, and at one point for a couple of of minutes a seagull hung almost motionless outside the window, apparently riding on Lyall's musical currents of air...

The most complete mix of invention and originality ( in the entire festival) came from the Scottish Trio AAB...Opening with a reworking of All the Things You Are, retitled Some of the Things I'm Not their set was witty and assured. The cyclic minimalism of Happy Repetition or spongy ballad Corduroy Bossa suggested a wealth of original compositions, but the one everyone present will remember is Dark Driller, a piece of percussive mayhem in which Tom Bancroft brought DIY to the drumset. Playing a heavy backbeat with his feet and left hand, his right hand operated a series of of powertool attachments that thrashed his drumheads to the sound of power-sanding or wood drilling. This was creative improvisation, a new range of effects and it dared to be funny and succeeded."



Celtic Feet rave live review at Cheltenham Festival April 2000

" Scottish drummer John Rae's Celtic Feet, a fusion of Celtic music and jazz, had them whooping and hollering. Eilidh Shaw on the fiddle was outstanding in this unique group" Jazz Review June 2000

Triumph for Caber artists at Scottish 'Jazz Now' festival 14-16/4/2000


The Scotsman 17/4/2000


"AS A snapshot of what is going on in Scottish jazz, Saturday's concerts in the weekend-long Jazz Now! series presented rather mixed signals in the course of two double bills.

The most adventurous music of the day arrived in the second half of the afternoon concert and came from Trio AAB. The band have always impressed with their freewheeling energy and invention, and if they sounded a little more tentative on a set which consisted almost entirely of new and as yet unnamed compositions by saxophonist Phil Bancroft, they continued to cultivate a trademark willingness to throw in the unexpected.

The most exciting aspect of their music lies in the imaginative improvisational interplay between the three instruments, itself an unconventional combination of Phil Bancroft's tenor and soprano saxophones, Kevin MacKenzie's electric guitar, and Tom Bancroft's drums and bodhran. The folk-derived elements were less obvious in this set, which began with a radical deconstruction of All the Things You Are and ended with the saxophonist's highly energised tribute to Ornette Coleman.

The final concert of the day featured a sold-out set from singer Tam White (the blues epithet usually handcuffed to his name no longer seems adequate to the range of his work) and pianist Brian Kellock "

Kenny Mathieson in The Scotsman


The Guardian: 20/4/2000


Jazz A be-bop ceilidh Jazz Now! Traverse Theatre/Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh **** Bob Flynn Thursday April 20, 2000

As a musical movement, Scottish jazz has been building since the preternaturally gifted 16-year-old saxophonist Tommy Smith strolled out of Edinburgh's housing schemes onto the world stage in the 80s. Thankfully, the snapshot offered at Jazz Now! was far removed from the creaky official Edinburgh Jazz Festival, embracing everything from the celtic bodhran to drum'n'bass.

At the end of last year, a band called AAB won the Radio 3 jazz album of 1999 with Cold Fusion. This was a bit of a shock, as they had never played London. While no one was looking, a groundswell of young Scots had become a serious enclave that now had its own Edinburgh-based label Caber Records, whose latest release, launched during Jazz Now!, is Nemesis from the Paul Harrison Trio. Pianist Harrison's urgent compositions jilted an unsuspecting Traverse audience and introduced an explosive new talent in drummer Paddy Flaherty, whose breakneck rhythmic invention drove the band to exultant heights.

AAB were a startling pointer to a new club-friendly jazz sound. The trio moved from the jumping staccato Repetitious Song to a Zeppelinesque trip-hammer epic, Kashmir, deconstructed into white noise and jagged saxophone permutations. In contrast, a new acoustic duo, guitarist Don Patterson and pianist Dave Milligan, wound hypnotic improvisational exchanges around stripped-down folk reels and cool laments.

Sporting kilts, John Rae's Celtic Feet moulded jazz breaks and the swirl of traditional dance into a playful if patchy banter between ceilidh and be-bop. The consistently brilliant pianist Brian Kellock, along with drummer Rae and the flowing Brazilian bassist Mario Caribe (now based in west Calder), locked the rhythms in place as Simon Thoumire span out intricate improvisations from, of all things, a tiny, buttoned concertina. A Scottish-Brazilian improvisation on a Jimmy Shand theme? Now I've heard everything."

Bob Flynn in The Guardian



The Herald

Home-grown talent revels at gathering

ROB ADAMS celebrates the flowering of Scotland's new jazz establishment

A generation ago the idea of a weekend of concerts featuring almost entirely Scottish-based jazz musicians would have been unthinkable. Jazz concerts were something given by musicians from over a border, if not over an ocean. The locals played in pubs.

That, though, was then. This is now, and as Assembly Direct's Jazz Now celebration held this weekend in Edinburgh showed, Scotland has a new jazz establishment, a pool of bands that can withstand concert-stage scrutiny and can keep listeners sufficiently entertained without wondering when the main act is due on.

To regular observers, this wasn't exactly news. The current wave has been growing over the past 10 to 15 years. Even so, to encounter the fruits of this growth en masse was a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Most stimulating of all, over a Friday and Saturday programme that ranged from blues and standards sung by Tam White and Suzanne Bonnar to Rarefaction's dance beat-generated improvisations, was the versatility that musicians necessarily acquire as they band-hop around the Scottish scene.

Thus saxophonist Phil Bancroft could move from the cool, European-flavoured glide of trumpeter Eddie Severn's new quintet to the freewheeling, Coltrane-ish jig-a-jig of drummer John Rae's Celtic Feet to the beguilingly itchy, industrious creativity of Trio AAB - and sounded impressively authoritative in all three groups. His fellow Trio AABers, his twin, drummer Tom, and guitarist Kevin Mackenzie likewise had arrived on similarly varied flight paths.

As a measure of Scotjazz's health, Severn's first number in Henry's Cellar Bar on Friday was a pretty sound check-up, with Phil Bancroft, pianist David Milligan, and Severn himself unleashing well-argued, smartly accomplished solos in quick rotation.

Simultaneously, round at the Traverse Theatre the Scottish Jazz Guitar Quartet was making its debut, the varied styles of Malcolm MacFarlane, Jed Brockie, Nigel Clark, and Kevin Mackenzie combining in twos, threes and fours. If they did so to mixed effect, that was perhaps only to be expected at this stage and there was enough evidence and enough enterprising, clichˇ-free ideas to suggest good things to come. A set built round, rather than building up to, material of similar quality to MacFarlane's splendidly melodic eight-hander, Near the Circle, would certainly be an attractive proposition.

Poet/columnist/guitarist Don Paterson's duo with pianist David Milligan was another interesting debut, a collaboration that's been waiting to happen given their mutual interests in weaving traditional music with a Bill Evansesque pastoralism. Again this needs more work than a hasty pre-gig huddle allowed but there were some lovely hints at where their compatibility might lead. Yet more promise came from alto saxophonist Laura Macdonald, whose quartet made a brief set seem all the briefer with a well-thought-out programme and a brisk "say what you've got to say and get aff" soloing approach. A real unit at work, this, with pianist Chick Lyall lending a particularly dynamic presence and combining with bassist Mario Caribe and drummer Tom Bancroft to form the sort of spring-heeled, propellant rhythm section that might once have had to be imported - but not now." - April 17





Top BBC Jazz Program 'JAZZ ON THREE' broadcast their 'Best of 1999' selection on December 18th with guest reviewers Linton Chiswick and John Fordham.

TRIO AAB'S 'COLD FUSION' was one of the five selections of Best Albums of 1999, and one of only two in the selection from the UK.

During the program the album, Caber 004, was described as

" very sharp and very interesting" by John Fordham and Phil Bancroft was described as an "awesome sax player"


Tam White & Brian Kellock's 'The Crossing' Caber 009 chosen in 'Pick of the Bunch for 99' by The Scotsman newspaper.






Great review of Tom Bancroft Orchestra 'Pieology ' Caber 001 in December 1999 edition of US magazine Cadence.



In the Inverness Courier three Caber CDs (001, 007 & 010) were picked as jazz albums of the year , and this is what they said about Caber.

" the record shelves have been stacked this year with Duke Ellington centenary re-issues... but here in Scotland the most imaginative recording initiative - and music - came from Musselburgh.

Somehow I think the Duke would have approved. Drawing on such diverse influences..he always refused to describe his music as "jazz" - although he did maintain "It don't mean a thing if it aint got that swing".

The music produced on the Caber Music label...is as unclassifiable as the Duke's...and it swings."

Jim Love, Inverness Courier 14/12/99




Caber Kids Vol 1 CD and Cassette





Craig McMurdo - Singin'& Swingin' (CPY001) Produced for a UK wide tour this is singer and entertainer Craig McMurdo's first recorded foray into a small group setting. As you would expect it is swinging, entertaining, contains crooning and swooning as well as some amazing singing and playing. A must for Dean Martin and Sinatra sing-along fans, the CD contains 13 memorable tracks. Featuring: Craig McMurdo (vocals), Tom Finlay (piano), Roy Percy (bass), Dave Stewart (drums).



Caber Projects 1/2/3: The unique philosophy and structure of Caber Music allows us to create a new type of album, one that goes on evolving and changing.....for ever. Initially three composers from different musical styles who make music using modern technology will be invited to create an album. After its release they will go on changing, re-mixing and evolving the same album which will be sold in successive limited edition versions, Version 1.1, Version 1.2 etc. After 18 months the project will be passed to a new composer who will begin with the last version and then begin taking the music in a new direction which will be sold as version 2.1, 2.2, etc. Each version will be available only until the next update is released. You will be able to follow a unique musical project and Caber Music will release compilations of the high-lights. caber projects 1/2/3v1.1 due for release sometime.....


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