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John Burgess Quartet, The Urge to Burge

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'I Got Lost in His Arms'
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Sylvia Rae (vocals)
Warren Vache (trumpet)
Brian Kellock (piano)
Kenny Ellis (bass)
Ronnie Rae (SNR)(bass- track 3)
John Rae (drums)

1. But Beautiful 5.05
2. How I Wish (Ask me Now) 4.08
3. Round Midnight 3.15
4. I Got Lost In His Arms 5.14
5. Misery And The Blues 4.02
6. Close Enough For Love 5.29
7. Fool To Want You 2.57
8. I Want To Be Loved -
9. The Thrill Is Gone -
Sylvia Rae
'Close Enough'
vocl 001
Album Notes : CLOSE ENOUGH

She is in world class company on this CD, with Warren Vaché and Brian Kellock playing absolutely exquisitely throughout, as well as her father and brother. On the trio tracks featuring Vaché the soloing is simply electric.

There are many influences discernible here, or rather she reminds you of others in flashes - but not the usual suspects from the female vocal jazz canon - more like a hint of Dylan here, and a split second of Sting there, echoes of Chet Baker, and one moment in the second 8 bars of 'Misery and Blues" where she somehow reminds this writer of the sweet and elastic tenor vibrato of David Murray. Sylvia herself cites many influences - Carmen MacRae - on the way she perceives songs, Fionna Duncan, John Hendricks, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and Fred Astaire.

Whatever the chemical formula leading to it's formation, this is a strikingly individual artist who on this CD is making a significant and uncompromising statement the she will become an authentic and original voice.

Artist Information:

Sylvia is from the prolific Rae clan, daughter of Ronnie (one of Scotland's leading jazz bass players), sister of drummer John and singers Gina and Cathie.

Signed for a major record deal in the 90's with pop group The Lanterns, Sylvia has worked alongside the likes of world renowned DJ Todd Terry, director David Mackenzie (of 'Young Adam' fame) & Nichola Black to name a few. In true pop star style, Sylvia has appeared on MTV, Radio One, a Channel 4 documentary and even had a single reach No.2 in the UK dance charts!

The year 2000 saw Sylvia make the decision to leave The Lanterns and hectic popstar lifestyle behind, to return to her first love....singing jazz. She has been playing with her band the Sylvia Rae Quartet for 14 years!

Earlier this year, Sylvia recorded & released her debut album with Caber Music titled 'Close Enough'. A nine-track collection of classic ballads, featuring her trio Brian Kellock, Kenny Ellis & John Rae.

Sylvia is currently busy performing & recording a new album with the Rae Sisters (Cathie, Gina & Sylvia), which will be released early next year.

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