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Caber CD Quick Pick List

Caber CD List
Cat no.

Artist and CD Title
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Caber 001 Tom Bancroft Orchestra 'Pieology'  Reviews
Caber 003 Brian Kellock Trio 'Something's Got to Give - Tribute to Fred Astaire'  Reviews
Caber 004 Trio AAB 'Cold Fusion'  Reviews
Caber 005 Chick Lyall 'Solitary Dance'  Reviews
Caber 006 Swirler 'Swirler'  Reviews
Caber 007 Phil Bancroft 'Swings and Roundabouts'  Reviews
Caber 008 Caber Compilation #1  Reviews
Caber 009 Brian Kellock & Tam White 'The Crossing'  Reviews
Caber 010 John Rae 'Celtic Feet'  Reviews
Caber 012 John Burgess 'Urge to Burge'  Reviews
Caber 013 Paul Harrison 'Nemesis'  Reviews
Caber 014 Caber Compilation #2  Reviews
Caber 016 Eddie Severn 'Moments in Time'  Reviews
Caber 018 John Rae's Celtic Feet 'Beware the Feet'  Reviews
Caber 020 Brian Kellock 'Live at Henry's'  Reviews
Caber 021 Trio AAB 'Wherever I Lay My Home That's My Hat'  Reviews
Caber 023 Scottish Guitar Quartet 'Near the Circle'  Reviews
Caber 024 Colin Steele 'Twilight Dreams'  Reviews
Caber 025 Mario Caribe 'Bacuris'  Reviews
Caber 026 Martin Kershaw 'Fruition'  Reviews
Caber 027 Trio AAB 'Stranger Things Happen at C'  Reviews
Caber 028 Caber compilation #4  Reviews
Caber 029 Colin Steele 'The Journey Home'  Reviews
Caber 030 Dave Milligan 'Late Show'  Reviews
Caber 031 Chick Lyall 'Broken Poems'  Reviews

Vocl001 Sylvia Rae 'Close Enough' Reviews 
Vocl002 Niki King 'Azure' Reviews 
CKC001 Caber Kids #1 Reviews 
CPY001 Craig McMurdo 'Singin' & Swingin'' Reviews 
CArch001 Chick Lyall & Tore Brunborg 'The Tilting Ground' Reviews 
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