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Chick Lyall (piano)
Joakim Milder (tenor/soprano sax)
Mike Dunning (bass)
Tom Bancroft (drums). 

01. Danse macabre ( Lyall) mp3 RA 7.27
02.Terracotta (Lyall) 6.32
03. The Iliac Suite (Pt1) (Lyall) 8.21
04. White horse in distance (*) 2.40
05. Blue remembered (Lyall) 11.02
06. The Manitou (*) 5.52
07. Suite (Pt 2) (Lyall) 5.24
08. Roadrunner (*) 2.51
09. Altars of jade (*) 4.12
10. The black arts (*) 2.49
11. Suite (Pt 3) (Lyall) 7.38
12. Reprise (Lyall) 1.03
* Lyall, Milder, Dunning & Bancroft

Chick Lyall
'Broken Poems'
Caber 031
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Chick Lyall 'Solitary Dance'
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Artist Information:
Chick Lyall is a truly world class piano soloist who is here joined by one of the leading figures in contemporary European jazz, the deeply intelligent and creative saxophonist Joakim Milder to create an album of wonderful, full-on, creativity. This is grown up jazz at its sensual best featuring exquisitely beautiful folktinged compositions, sitting alongside exhilirating group improvisations which develop like soundtracks to unseen movies of great intimacy and drama.

Don't be put off by the i or c words here (ie improvisation and creativity), it contains a varied mix of reckless swing, a cooler ECM style beauty, and uninhibited group explorations that never go where the sun don't shine and often end up finding moments of great tenderness and calm. To give cognoscenti reference points one could mention the Dewey Redman/Paul Motian band led by Keith Jarret as a point of origin, but that is one source amongst many. This CD is essentially contemporary, intelligent, and deeply felt acoustic European jazz of the highest quality.
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