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'Samba For Ed'bra'
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Mario Caribé (bass)
Brian Kellock (piano)
Edmundo Carneiro (Percussion)
John Rae(drums)
Kari McKenna (flute)
Malcolm MacFarlane (guitar)
Martin Kershaw (sax).

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Mario Caribé
Caber 025
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Album Notes :
“..a musician as instinctive as he is technically brilliant... every avenue is spectacular” Edinburgh Evening News

As an exile in Scotland from Brazil, Mario Caribé has brought his virtuoso bass playing to our shores and contributed magnificently to many Caber releases.

Now on this release he brings the style and sophistication of Jobim, as well as the groove and energy of samba, and a writing style quite his own to 'Bacuris' his debut release as leader, and a CD which will launch to the world a huge writing and arranging talent.

It is also a complete joy to hear some of Scotland's leading instrumentalists - Kellock, Rae. MacFarlane, and Kershaw - let rip and shine in this different musical context.

Brazilian percussion giant Carneiro (St. Germain) adds an unmistakably Brazilian heartbeat on percussion making this album an absolute delight.


Liner Notes :
‘Bacuris’ is the name of a Brazilian fruit, but it is also 'Bacoris' misspelt, a word which means 'kids' in Portuguese.. I wrote the tune for my kids; Tié, andré & lucca, but thanks to my poor morphology skills, it’s title now means ‘the fruit of work’ as well, which is exactly what this recording is. This music reflects the feelings of the expatriate musician who finds himself away from his own cultural identity only to try and rediscover HIS roots, and in the process incorporates a whole new set of ideas and concepts.

The clash between brazilian and scottish, (south) American and european is what interests me and the moments really worth remembering in the studio were those when that clash originated unexpected twists and turns in the music.

Mario Caribé

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