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John Burgess Quartet, The Urge to Burge

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'Napier Stride'
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John Rae (drums)
Brian Kellock (piano)
Phil Bancroft (sax)
Eilidh Shaw (fiddle)
Simon Thoumire (concertina)
Mario Caribe (bass)

John Rae's Celtic Feet
'Celtic Feet'
Caber 010
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Album Notes :

The first album by 'the Feet' was kind of a pleasant shock for everyone, in that the band arrived 'out of the box' with exceptional writing and a totally recognisable sound on it's first outing, characterised by truly fantastic musicianship from both sides of the jazz/folk divide. One of the most loved CD's in the whole Caber catalogue.
Artist Information: John Rae (drums

With the growing of Scotland's nationhood, so to has grown it's creative identity, and in the area of jazz, a fresh, new vibrant sound has arrived. John Rae's Celtic Feet use jazz as a base, original compositions that use traditional motifs and jazz harmony to create a distinctly Scottish sound where free improvisation and traditional Celtic music each has an equal voice.

John Rae's Celtic Feet are six musicians who have loyalty to tradition mixed with a passion to experiment and improvise creating a new sound to accompany a new millennium. John Rae is an accomplished jazz drummer who has been studying traditional fiddle for almost ten years, and with this new group, presents a new collection of compositions that incorporate his knowledge of traditional and jazz music.

John Rae's Celtic Feet began in 1998, with the assistance of the Scottish Arts Council, and incorporates Scotland's finest jazz and traditional musicians. Brian Kellock, one of the most respected jazz piano players in Europe, Phil Bancroft, sax, from the cutting edge of the European avant-garde scene, Eilidh Shaw one of the leading young violinists in Scottish Traditional music, Mario Lima Caribe hails from Brazil and is the bassist with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and Simon Thoumire, currently one of the most adventurous young concertina players in the world who was the composer for the music for the Opening of the New Scottish Parliament, John Rae plays drums and writes the music. John Rae is the drummer with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and one of the founding members of the Scottish Composer's Jazz Ensemble. Leader and composer for the John Rae Collective, John Rae's Celtic Feet and the Power Of Scotland Big-Big Band and he is a prominent member of the Brian Kellock Trio.

As a composer John contributes music for television, radio, commissions for large and small ensembles and his very unique group the Celtic Composers Collective. Born in Edinburgh, John is the fourth youngest member of a musical family and is one of the most in demand and sought after musicians in the UK. He recorded his first album at the age of sixteen with Tommy Smith and has subsequently played and recorded with many artists including Tal Farlow, Tony Scott, Charles MacPherson, Art Farmer, Buddy de Franco, Red Rodney, Tam White, Pete King, Scott Hamilton, Barney Kessel, Kenny Wheeler, Martin Taylor . As a band leader he has recorded ' The Big If Smiles Again ' (John Rae Collective- due for re-release 1999) and ' Celtic Feet. ' ( July 1999).

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