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'Flow River Flow'
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Chick Lyall (Piano)

1.Flow River Flow 4:18
2.Solitary Dance 4:02
3.First Epigram 2:39
4.First Object of Contemplation 4:15
5.Sam Song 6:10
6.Second Epigram 2:49
7.Dusk 5:32
8.Blow Wind Blow 4:28
9.Third Epigram 1:45
10.Second Object of Contemplation 9:38
Chick Lyall
'Solitary Dance'
Caber 005
Brian's other releases are:
Chick Lyall & Tore Brunborg 'The Tilting Ground'
Chick Lyall 'Broken Dreams'
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Kevin Mackenzie's 'Vital Signs'

Album Notes :

Chick Lyall
is another world class piano talent from Scotland. Trained in classical performance and composition Lyall brings a cool European introspection to his improvisation and composition. This is a set of solo piano improvisations recorded in one session.

More introspective and impressionistic than Keith Jarrett's solo work , more lyrical than Paul Bley, SOLITARY DANCE will transport you to a calmer and more beautiful place.

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