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John Burgess Quartet, The Urge to Burge

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Phil Bancroft (sax)
Kevin MacKenzie (guitar)
Tom Bancroft (drums)

1. gotta decide 7:06
2. untitled 6:10
3. jiggle 4:55
4. bees niece 7:36
5. sprog landscapes 6:42
6. when will the blues ever leave 5:56
7. abstract 8:08
8. open jungle 5:12
9. i ain't mad at cha 5:08
Trio AAB
'Cold Fusion'
Caber 004
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Album Notes : Cold Fusion

Trio AAB is the name for the trio featuring twin brothers Tom(drums) and Phil(sax) Bancroft with guitarist Kevin MacKenzie. This CD brings together a set of diverse influences from ECM style jazz, Celtic folk music, drum 'n bass, house music, Ornette Coleman, and hip hop yet remains resolutely itself.

COLD FUSION features all three musicians as composers as well as performers and uses state of the art recording and production techniques rarely used in the jazz field. It is a vision of the future of jazz in the next century.

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