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John Burgess Quartet, The Urge to Burge

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'The Piano is a Dark Horse'
Real audio clip from this CD

Tom Bancroft
Claude Deppa
Brian Kellock
Chick Lyall
Phil Bancroft
Oren Marshall
Eddie Severn
Kevin MacKenzie
John Telfer

1: Cat N Mouse -
2: Pieology  
3:Scottish Heart  
4:The Piano Is a Dark Horse  
5:The Battle of Algiers
(subtitle The Battle of Camp Bongo)
7: Coal & Logs  
The Tom Bancroft Orchestra
Caber 001
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Album Notes : Pieology

The Tom Bancroft Orchestra has been in existence for over 15 years performing the leaders compositions and featuring the cream of the new wave of Scottish jazz musicians, as well as some of the best players from England and Holland.

PIEOLOGY is a mixture of live and studio recordings from the first six years of the bands existence, and captures the breadth of the compositional influences : from haunting folk tinged melodies through Ellingtonian use of colour and extended forms , to Zorn-esque anarchic chaos and Mingus- tinged bluesy passion. The CD also captures some of the incredible instrumentalists featured in the band such as Claude Deppa, Brian Kellock, Chick Lyall, Phil Bancroft, Oren Marshall, Kevin MacKenzie and John Telfer.

Artist Information:

As a composer Tom has written for dance, TV, film, big and small bands, and a children's musical. He is available for commission for interesting compositional projects as well as offering an opinion on just about any subject.

As a drummer he has played with many musicians such as Sun Ra, Tommy Smith, Martyn Bennet, Mungo Dunnett, Steve Mannion, Sheila Jordan, Julian Arguelles, Phil Bancroft, Swirler, Charlie MacKerron, Alyth MacCormack, Charlie Mariano, Emil Vicklicky, Laura MacDonald....

As an organiser he has created Clandemonium's 1,2 & 3, Europhonium, Kidsamonium, Multi Story Karma Park, Who's Solo Is It Anyway?, and Caber Music.

He is the bandleader of the Tom Bancroft Orchestra, co-leader of Trio AAB, drummer for Swirler, plus many other activities.

He is an innovator on the bodhran, playing in a unique double ended style, soon to be unleashed on CD in the forthcoming CD 'Scylla & Charybdis'.

Tom is an active teacher of drums, improvising, and composition. He has developed the unique 'Apple, Banana, Carrot Improvising Method' with brother Phil. This has been used successfully with students from primary school kids up to university level students.

He has two children Sam and Sophie.

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